Buying a new drumset for a school.

Our first question comes from Paul:

I have money in the budget for a new drum set for our basketball band. The current drum set looks like it was thrown off a tall building. We will need the entire kit. What brands/models would you recommend? It needs to be durable and loud.

We would recommend one of 3 kits for your school:

1. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch – $900 (

This kit is rugged and the hardware will withstand a few drops down bleachers!
I personally own a Mapex kit and I love it!
All of these drumsets have larger 20″-22″ bass drums that will certainly let the rest of the band literally “feel” the beat (if your drummer can!).
Also, when purchasing drum sets you’ll see “With Hardware” and “Shell Pack”.

  • “With Hardare” includes cymbal stands, hi hat stand, etc.
  • “Shell Pack” includes ONLY the drums
The stock drumheads that come with all of the above sets sound like trash. Pick up these drumheads when you order to make the drumset come alive!:

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