Re-string Your Chimes for $10 and 30 minutes

Do your chimes look like this?

Zip Tie Chimes

Or maybe even this?

Chimes need repair

Like most large percussion instruments, chimes are often neglected once they start falling apart. Students or directors will sift through junk boxes to find a quick fix before a concert or marching show. You can fix this problem with 30 minutes at $10 of materials!

Step 1 – Materials

  • 20 feet of rope chain. Purchase the thinnest you can find at your nearest hardware store. Make sure you buy the uncoated wire. Coated wire will reduce vibrations.
  • 20 chain ferrules of the same width as the chain rope.
  • Wire Snippers


Step 2 – Cutting the Wire

  • Use the snippers to cut the wire into lengths of 8″ to 10″.

IMG_20140303_120211 Step 3 – Stringing the chime

  • Slide the wire through the chimes and ferrule then crimp several times. Be careful not to crimp too hard. You could cut through the ferrule!.


Step 4 – Hang the chime and congratulate yourself on your handiwork!


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